Aoyagi Lab’s current research interests are as follows
(* indicates research themes of current students).
Complete Publication list is found here.

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility
    • Reverberation Chamber Analysis and Design
      • Applying De-embedding Concept on R.C. Designs.*
    • Electromagnetic Wave Absorber Analysis and Design
      • Time Domain Analysis for EM-absorbers*
      • Absorbing Material Characterization for Numerical Simulations*
    • Development of Source Estimation Method for EMC*
    • Measurement of Electromagnetic Material Constants
      • Measurement of Permittivity of Human Fingers
  • Wave Propagation and Communication Systems
    • Wave Propagation in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
      • Dynamic Channel Modeling for WBANs
      • Antenna De-embedding for WBANs
    • Measurement and Wave Propagation of In-Body*
      • Measurement of Abdominal Fat by Microwave*
    • TeraHertz Telecommunication Systems*
      • TeraHertz Telecommunication Systems for WBANs*
  • Information Communication Technology
    • Applications of Healthcare and Medical ICT
      • Human Motion Classification by Radio Signals of WBANs*
      • Optimal Communication Protocol Design for WBANs*
    • Analysis of Human Activities by Multiple Sensors
      • Measurement of Human Movements by Airborne Ultrasonics
      • Measurement of Human Muscle Activities by Ultrasonic Echo and Electromyography
  • Educational Technology
    • Motivational Effect of Art on Electric Circuit Learning*

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